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TECO Joint Workshop 2017 - Presentations


2nd November

Fabio Trincardi, Director Department of Earth System Science and Environmental Technology, CNR Italy

Laura Passatore, "Three years of TECO Project: activities and outputs up to now"

Elango Lakshmanan, "Anthropogenic sources and contamination of groundwater"

Gordana Medunic, Mediterranean coastal locality polluted with coal and ash eniched in S and Se: bacteria assisted remediation of soil"

Pablo Souza-Alonso, "AURORA - Applied Urban Orchard Assessement"

Robert Popek, "Phytoremediation as as a way to clean up the environment"

Mahajan Ratnakar, "Ecofriendly solutions with advanced materials for landfill containment and stabilization"

Konrad Siegfried, "Solar driven, chemical free water treatment & remote online monitoring"

Massod Mallick, "Soil and groundwater remediation, experiences in India"

George Kiriakidis, "Disinfection of waters/wastewaters by solar photocatolysis"

Pradeep Kumar, "Decontamination of water & soil through integrated green engineering"

Daniel Lipschits, "TUPIX: IoT & blockchain operating system for smart real time water & soil ecosystem monitoring and control"

Varun Sridharan, "Smart water & wastewater management company"

Gyan Singh Shekhawat, "Metabolic adaptation to Cd induced oxidative stress in hydroponic cultures of Brassica juncea and role of Hemeoxygenase 1 (HO1): a phytoremediation strategy"

Antonio Lo Porto, "Water4Crops and Striver"

Sankalp Lahari, "Real time monitoring particularly ground water level monitoring"

Muthiah Perumal, "Innovative framework for river discharge estimation in the Indian context"

Fulvia Chiampo, "Geophysical methods to monitor soil bioremediation"

Chandan Ghosh, "Geosynthetics and Bio-engineering for disaster preparedness"

Silvia Paparella, "RemTech Expo: European community of contaminated sites remediation and territory requalification"


3rd November

Rajendra Prasad, "India-EU water call focus areas"

Vivek Dham, "Guidelines for participants - Technical aspects"

A.B. Gupta, "Surface and groundwater quality issues in India - way forward"

Ashok Gosh, "Multiple and emerging contaminants of drinking water in rural India: understanding the dynamic relationships in protecting groundwater resources"

Lalit Mohan Sharma, "Rain water harvesting: innovation practiced: creating fresh water source within saline aquifer"

Asis Mazumdar, "Sustainable integrated energy efficient water supply"

Konrad Siegfried, "Solar driven electrolysis for inline oxydant production"

Rima Biswas Mondal, "In-situ biorejuvenation & remediation of eutrophic ponds/lakes through engineered ecosystem management"

A.K. Nema, "Emerging issues in wastewater management"

Anuj Kanwal, Upcoming challenges in water resources in India"

Srikanth Mutnuri, "Resource recovery and wastewater treatment"

George Kiriakidis, "Disinfection of waters/wastewaters by solar photocatalysis"

Ludo Diels, "Cost-efficient treatment of higly contaminated drains that incorporates energy and nutrient recovery in order to create large impact on surface water quality"

Aviraj Datta, "Decentralized wastewater treatment for rural and peri-urban India"

Gordana Medunic, "Coal relatied aquatic pollution of an Adriatic karst environment with selenium"

Pawan Labhasetwar, "improved asset management and water treatment considering variation in water quality in India"

Mohan Kumar, "Smart water management"

Varun Sridharan, "Real time monitoring & control systems in water distribution and treatment systems"

Patrizio Arrigo, "Development of multisensing system for contaminant of emerging concern in water"

Daniel Lipschits, "TUPIX: IoT & blockchain operating system for real time ecosystem monitoring and control"

Valluri, "A unified tool to diagnose and predict the health of your city"



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