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TECO PROJECT - Application for the mobility grants



The applications procedure for getting the mobility grants from Europe to India is now open.

Applications can be received at any time, will be evaluated and in case approved in 10/15 days.

A maximum of 20 months will be assigned in 2018, we therefore recommend to submit your application ASAP.


The expected duration of the grant for each project ranges from 15 days (minimum) to 4 months, according to: a) the number of requests, b) the availability of funds and c) the free evaluations and decisions of TECO steering committee.

The procedure to activate the mobility programme will take about two months starting from the official approval date.


The grant amount is 1453.00 EUR per month (46,87 EUR per day). Taxes are about 25% in case of Italian nationals while no taxes will be applied in case of other EU nationals (ask for further specifications). An additional amount of 150 EUR will be provided as a contribution for travel expenses for every full month of stay in India.


The same project can be carried out by more than one person. In this case different individual application forms must be sent where the specific role of each applicant has to be well highlighted. The same person can obviously visit india more than one time within the project period. In this case he will receive a grant amount corresponding to the total number of days of stay.


Only individuals, citizens of the European Union, are eligible for receiving the grants. Organizations of any nature are not eligible.


If required we can support the applicants with matchmaking activities that help them to find the right Indian partner to develop their project ideas. Please look at our selection of host institutions.


Applications have to be sent to: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Documents requested for the submission (to be sent as pdf):

    • Application form (editable pdf)
    • CV of the applicant in EU Format
    • Passport of the applicant (scanned copy)
    • Invitation letter from the selected Indian institution/company


Other documents (some forms to fill and an official certificate which states the country of fiscal residency) along with the signature of a contract with the Italian CNR will be requested after the approval of the project.







Please follow this web site or contact us to be kept up to date.

Secretary of the Project: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view

Dr. Serena CarloniTel: +39 06 9067 2528

Dr. Laura PassatoreTel.: +39 06 9067 2534


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TECO project is co-funded by the European Union

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