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TECO Networking Conference

New Delhi, 16-17 November 2016

NetConf2016 gruppo


The first TECO Networking Conference was held with great success on the 16th and 17th of November 2016, at the India Habitat Centre, New Delhi.

Representatives of public bodies and private companies, researchers, delegates from European Embassies, and high level representatives of istitutional centres participated with the common goal to start up and reinforce collaboration between EU and India in the field of environmental sciences applied to the decontamination of polluted waters and soils.

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Change in the leadership of TECO Project

A new Project Manager for TECO

SpadoniZacchiniFrom the first of July 2016 a new Project Manager of TECO Project has been nominated, his name is Massimo Zacchini.

Former Project Manager of TECO Project, Massimo Spadoni, is now steadily in New Delhi with the diplomatic assignment of Scientific Attaché at the Embassy of Italy.

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WssTP - Europe

Water Supply and Sanitation Technology Platform

WssTPWssTP was initiated by the European Commission in 2004 for Research and Technology Development in the water industry and was transformed into an independent legal entity under Belgium Law in 2007.

The valeus of WssTP are: innovation, expertise, professionalism and team spirit.

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New CNR-CSIR Agreement

CNR-CSIR Cooperative Programme 2016-2018

cnrCSIR bianco trasparenteIn May 2015 CNR and CSIR renewed the cooperative programme for the promotion and the diffusion of cooperation in scientific research and in the technological development in sectors of common interest.

The Programme started in 1995 and has been extended every three years since then.

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Indo-Italian Centre of Excellence

Eyes wide open on the EU-India Environmental Research

logo applicationThe pressure exerted by the development of human societies on the planetary environment is quickly increasing, widening the already dramatic series of implications on the quality of water, soils and bioresources, bringing the resilience capacity of many ecosystems very near to their breaking point.

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Research Focus

Environmental Impact of Fly Ash from Thermal Power Plants

FlyAsh disposalDuring the last few decades the disposal of fly ash generated by coal based thermal power plants has been a matter of concern on a worlwide scale.

Huge amounts of this by-product are usually deposited in ash ponds which have a remarkable environmental impact by counsuming vast areas of land and releasing dusts and leachates prone to contaminate the acquifers.

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Water4Crops - FP7 Europe

Wastewaters Reuse and Valorization with Enhanced Water Use Efficiency

water4cropWater4Crops is one of the largest Euro-India collaborative projects co-funded by the Department of Biotechnology, Government of India and the European Commission (under KBBE.2012.3.5-03: Biotechnological wastewater treatments and reuse in agronomical systems).

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